Featured Projects


A professional record studio in the pocket

Our task was to build a powerful iPhone application that could record vocals anytime users feel inspiration. Our customer, an artist and music producer, approached us to bring to life his creative idea and create a pocket record studio. We used the latest technologies to realise his creative thinking and empower both professional artists and beginners to sharpen their skill, record melodies or monologues, and share them with other friends and followers via Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud. Category: Audio&Music Technology: Yii, MySQL, Amazon S3, Objective-C, Amazing Audio Engine, Audio Units, Core


Get your friend’s opinion on the subject that matters

Our client came to us with an idea to create an app which would contain a database of review based on friends’ opinions. We developed a social media application that allows users to add friend and follow other users, share with them your opinion on numerous topics including TV shows, movies, books, music and other. The rating functionality distinguishes this app from any other social networking programs enabling users not only review the products and discuss their points of view in the comment section but also rate them helping friends to make a choice. Category: Social networking, Review&Rating Technology: NodeJS, Loopback, MongoDB, Objective-C, AFNetworking, SDWebImage, Realm, Bolts, FBSDKShareKit, FBSDKCoreKit, FBSDKLoginKit.


Organise your day with an interactive calendar

Our customer approached us to build a functional mobile application which will help efficiently plan events and invite participants. Our team designed a simple and intuitive user interface and implemented features which help to organise the time, plan and schedule meeting and invite friends effortlessly. We simplified the registration with the help of Facebook or LinkedIn accounts and made users profile pretty laconic. The menu bar includes an activity feed, a calendar with event marks, a tab with user’s events, and a list of friends. Category: Social Networking, Event Planning Technology: PHP, Yii2, REST API, CoreData, AFNetworking, Google Places, Autocomplete API, iOS SDK, Objective-C.


Share your emotions on the rugby match

Our client was interested in the development of a portal for a specific target audience - rugby fans. We build an app that meets this audience needs and lets users interact one with another while staying at home and watching live game broadcasting. The app has a lot of social media features including commenting, voting, and sharing opinions on the matches. We made an intuitive and engaging design creating the best conditions for fans communication during the rugby matches. Category: Social Networking, Sport Technology: PHP, Yii, Bootstrap, Eoauth, MongoYii, YiiMailer; Volley, PullToRefresh, Java, MongoDB, Apache Velocity, Hibernate Validator, Jersey, Jetty; Native iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch, RestKit framework, MPTransition.


An Android and iOS apps that helps to control your blood sugar level

People with diabetes need to check their blood sugar levels regularly to avoid serious health problems and manage their nutrition. Our team was asked to build a medical app that would be able to assist users with blood sugar level control and provide advice on the food choice. With the help of our customer, we designed an iPhone app which can help users to define their diabetes type, remind to measure blood level and get recommendations on medications and nutrition. The app also assists in tracking personal goals and viewing the personalised data in dynamic graphs. Category: Healthcare Technology: Objective-C, CoreData, EventKit, MagicalRecord, RestKit, SSKeychain, CorePlot, Android SDK.


Park your car faster than usual with iOS and Android apps

A group of entrepreneurs approached us with an app idea which implied the creation of an iPhone and Android applications for searching available parking places. We build the program that can scan surrounding area looking for available places and latter it helps the driver to navigate to the place with a displayed route. Drivers can also set permanent locations such as work and home. One more useful feature we have implemented is a “Find my car” function which won’t let the driver forget where he or she has left the car. Category: Navigation Technology: Objective-C, Android SDK, Retrofit, Roboguice, JQuery, JavaScript