iOS App Development Costs: What Is a Quote?

Software development is a complex process that depends on your problems and needs. If you are interested in top-notch products, quality assurance, the success of the future app should be a serious investment.

In our app development firm, we insist on transparent prices. The average cost of a complete high quality product varies between £ 20,000 and £ 200,000. But these numbers are just a starting point for consideration, because there are many factors of price formation which can increase or reduce the final cost.

Some companies offer iOS development for £ 1,000, others - working from £ 1 MIO . However, such applications may lack functionality and quality, thus reducing the number of users and the overall ability to return. As a result, your iOS app takes longer to get a higher return on investment.

Factors Affecting Development Costs

IOS applications have ramifications of size, shape, color, and functionality. There are many transfer components to play, each affecting prices.

The main factors that affect iOS app development costs are:

  • Commercial model
  • Platform
  • Function
  • Layout
  • Developers
  • cl1
  • cl2
Business model: what do you need?

The pursuit of app construction is the beginning of the marketing strategy and business income of the business model. This is the most critical driving force in price formation.

When developing an app, you are reviewing your business plan and asking "What do you need?"

  • Where does your customer spend time?
  • What gadgets and systems do they use?
  • How should you monetize your app?
  • Will you promote it?
  • Will this bring money through in-app purchases?
  • Will the app be used to promote your service or third-party ads for monetization?
  • Do the public focus on high-end design or high functionality?

These factors (and other reasons of infinity) will determine what the app needs, thus affecting the amount of money spent on coding, design, testing, improvements and launch.

Platform: If you select iOS

While we're talking about mobile applications, the most popular development platforms are Android from Google and iOS from Apple.

Often, the time and money required to build an iOS app are smaller. Apple also tends to have a larger user base, people eager to spend money on their handsets. That's why many companies like to start an iOS-based app and then extend Android if the iOS model is successful.

App type and function

Now that you've identified the platform, it's time to actually start building the app. The app you intend to create and its technical specifications may be an important component of your cost.

In general, iOS applications are divided into:

  • Table
  • Database
  • Dynamic
  • The game

While these four categories are well integrated with most types and features, iOS applications are now very diverse and difficult to classify.

The most important factor is that each product has a unique ability to meet and bring the corresponding value. Some forms of functionality may seem simple, but construction costs are high and other features can be quite inexpensive.

Table / Lists

These iOS applications are mainly used to display a simple set of information. They provide statistical data for people who will be harvested from the available alternatives and redirect them to other materials on the subject. In other words, this app as a simple mobile site.


These more sophisticated iOS applications are designed to allow customers to find, sort, and display information from large recording units. Database programs are often connected to websites or to different online internet providers to retrieve information that makes them more complex than table-based opponents.

Dynamic app

Dynamic is like a database app, however, they do not need to connect to an online server for information, but need to interact with different structures and software through the API. For example, third-party Twitter applications need to integrate with the Twitter API to import tweets and multiple records. The quality and complexity of the API vary, so in addition to software development, the API may be a surprisingly small growth for very expensive tasks.


Building the most difficult type of app is based on the app of the game. Simple games satisfy the requirements of dynamic app problems and prices, but more complicated games that use 3D environments or advanced physics engines can be much larger than any other type of program.

iOS app: cost issues

When it comes to iOS applications, it's important to know exactly where you want to get better revenue and recover your investment. How much will the average investment be for each type of program?

Basic iPhone app

If you hire an iOS developer, the main desktop-based program will provide a price between £ 1,000 and £ 3,000. Planning and delivering app content in advance, such as identification and images, will significantly reduce costs. You can assume that at this stage it costs about £ 1,500. The more features you add, the higher the total cost.

Database app

Database or local app is more advanced then you may want to spend between £ 10,000 and £ 40,000. Native iOS programs are much more complex because the complete structure and functionality of the software are completely data driven. Developers must first understand the logic, in the app to create a process to make it available and purposeful, the use of content, photos, sound and so on.

iOS-based game

The development of the iPhone game can be a very expensive proposition. Depending on the type of play, you can take £ 30,000 to £ 300,000. For example, standard racing games can cost more than £ 150,000. The game needs many advanced features to attract the public's interest and maintain user time.

Additional Resources

Adding many different features can also increase the average cost of iOS programs. Here are some of these features as well as prices:

  • Game Center - The iOS SDK offers seamless integration with your game center. This can help reduce the price by only around £ 1,500.
  • Remote control - Save the content data to a remote location and use the XML file update program that will cost over £ 1,000 - £ 6,000. However, this can also avoid the late stages of the onset of many senseless problems.
  • In-app ads - This option can cost between £ 1,500 and £ 3,500 depending on the type of ad and marketing you are looking for.
  • Sharing function - this integration may be increased by about £ 1,000 in the cost range. This feature is useful because you can use social media to promote the product.

When you work with iOS development companies like us, developers can integrate all the features they need. We insist on a transparent price and always aim to find the best solution in your budget.

Factors Affecting Development Costs

On the issue of our company's iOS software development, design is based entirely on functions and issues of equality.

Customers buy with their eyes. A compelling icon will get attention, but the stunning design makes more and more use of the program.

iOS applications require a fun and simple icon, touch screen, interface factors such as tags, buttons, and many other layout features that entice customers to interact with them.

However, a huge design is usually a price. While winners and players can be found anywhere in the range of costs, there can be a clear distinction between the £ 150 icon and the opponents of £ 1,500. If you want an attractive design to fit your needs, you should be better prepared to provide some extra coins for a reliable design team and provide an exquisite portfolio.

Developer: freelance or development company.

In software development, cost should not be the main factor. Most important is the quality.

There are three simple developer classes that can be selected from:

  • Freelance
  • Small local development team
  • Big international company

Each type of developer has some advantages and trade-offs, and you should pay attention to all the pros and cons.


Free developers are the cheapest software development options you can find. Of course, your accessibility is the only reason you hire a freelancer rather than a development company.

When you hire a freelancer, you just have to choose one person and you should be ready for all the risks. If freelancers are not proficient, you can spend money. If freelancers are slow, late or unsubmitted, the project can be postponed indefinitely.

In addition, freelancers will have relatively limited knowledge. It is very rare for freelancers to create complex applications successfully, and even if the project is not difficult, it is difficult to find a freelancer who can handle the entire career at a high level. If you are in a freelance style, chances are you should hire a freelancer, and everyone should cause problems and delays.

Of course, there are excellent freelancers, if you can find some special, your own management of your own activities, then you may be a completely low cost to get a brilliant app, remember that eventually you can not finished product with no money.

Small IT studio

Small software companies are usually a group of 3-10 ideas that focus on the development of specific categories of programs.

If you can find a small institution to develop a course, such as a course, you will have a high degree of achievement of your experience. The groups working on the project will generally get good results and timely delivery. Although they are often more expensive than freelancers, they are still able to provide superior value savings over large organizations.

The downside is that small businesses often fail to accommodate complex projects and have the ability to show the collapses that are usually associated with freelancers, albeit to a lesser extent.

Large developer company

The great software development company brings a lot of members, rich experience and excellent brand guarantee. Hiring a mature international development company is closer to quality assurance, but you should also pay for this additional guarantee, as the price estimation, provided by such agency will be higher.

If the project is particularly complex then a larger company may be the most effective developer to bring it to the market. The larger the company, the more likely it is that any problematic experience will emerge at some early stage of creation.


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