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We are a web development agency based in London, England. We are recognised as one of the leading app design companies with experience in the design of business logotypes thanks to detailed consideration, incredible creativity and excellent customer service.

Experience in the Business Logo Design

You can create business identity from scratch, including web and mobile business solutions, corporate website design, and much more. We are worried about the client. Our enthusiastic and talented experts will ensure that you have a pleasant experience in cooperation with us and receive first class products that are perfectly suited to your business. Our design company is trained in communication with the client, and can use it at any time through live chat, email or phone.

  • Design is a complex process that requires a lot of experience, creativity and effort.
  • Here you can find excellent designers with a large number of portfolios with abundant excellent projects.
  • We do not use ready-made solutions, like clip art templates. We do everything from scratch and concentrate on all logotypes created by development agencies.
  • Our team guarantees an attractive, informative and mutually beneficial experience aimed at treating clients as business partners and improving value for the business.
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Misunderstanding of the General Logo Design

There is nothing special in this situation. In most cases, the client does not have enough experience to explain how to display the logo. The excellent designers must thoroughly discuss the design concepts.

  • Pick up the idea
  • Ask about preferences
  • Clarify the identity and objectives of the business
  • Follow the company guidelines
Do you like the Designer to Provide the Design?

When you see the results of the work done, the idea that seems wonderful at first may seem boring. No wonder he may be disappointed with the design he is offering, but when he hires a designer who creates a company image from scratch instead of buying ready-made items, I'll come. As an important step towards an amazing final version, you need to better understand the first concept that may not be complete.

Review and Improvement

When you hire a professional design company, you rarely hate everything related to the samples you have offered. First, you can select your favorite elements, such as font, color, graphics, design, and combine them with a new and improved logo. Even if you think the design is absolutely terrible, you can explain exactly what is being avoided and avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. The first design concept that you do not like is glass half empty or half glass half, it only depends on how you see things.

Simplicity is all Important

"These designs are very easy ... My son was able to draw this better! I just wasted a lot of money." Another complaint that designers usually find is that the custom logo designed is not creative and is elaborate enough in the customer's opinion. But consider the internationally renowned brands, Apple, Facebook, Nike, IMM, McDonald's, Audi. Each brand has a really simple logo. Simpler and better: this is the rule that professional designers must follow.

Relationship with Customers

The simple business icon does not mean that the creators are not focusing on the design. Behind each picture there is an idea. To attract customers, you must set up a brand based on a simple idea that all customers can associate. It's not that managers should not listen to customer requests. Designers refine their ideas and make them live in a perfect and simple way that is consistent with their preferences and business identity.

The Simple is Always Better

Even if you get a logotype that anyone can easily reproduce, do not be disappointed. Pay attention to diversity, not the lack of complexity. Professionals firmly believes that an excellent business logotype is something that the customer remembers, very elaborate, intelligent and not elegant. Remember the Nike logo: it's just a tic, but it fully reflects the identity of the brand and is recognized around the world. Is a thought in mind the reason why nobody thought of a great logo before?

Simple, Better: this is a rule that a professional designer must follow.

How to Create a Wonderful Logo?

First, think about the name of your company. Many popular brand logotypes are just a visual representation of the names of Puma, Shell, Twitter, Hello Kitty. All of them are based on the definite image of the object that identifies their brand. This method has its own strengths and challenges. This opportunity is based on the fact that it is easy to identify the brand with the company and the logo seems smart. In addition, there is a greater opportunity for customers to remember it. The main disadvantage of this strategy is that there are probably two organizations whose names are similar to yours.

Logo with History

The second option is to look for a visualisation with a recognizable image that is not directly related to the name of your company. Look at logotypes such as Starbucks, KFC, Heineken, Playboy, Mortal Kombat, Bacardi, etc. These logotypes are striking images that reflect the name of the company as it is. However, the approach is as efficient as the previous one, and many internationally recognized companies use such a design. Many of them have stories and meanings that are far from clear and that add another dimension to the logo, making it even more interesting and attractive. Why is there a green woman with coffee?

Text-based Logo

Another approach to creating a logo is a text-based logo. There are many examples such as Samsung, Subway, Amazon, eBay,Coca-Cola, etc. These logotypes are clearly superior. However, keep in mind that text-based logotypes are very difficult to create. As you can see, most companies with such logotypes are relatively short names, important nuances to keep in mind to avoid a complicated design. Another challenge to play is to create a unique look that looks good. In general, it is difficult to make the text-based design memorable. Often, such a logo is just a normal source of a basic background. Of course, the main factor to consider is whether the name of your company is suitable to become a logo.

Freestyle Logo

The last option is a freestyle logo and can incorporate the previous styles. Please, look at Pepsi, Fanta, Adidas, Nike,Toyota, etc. These logotypes are abstract images that are not related to the names of companies or specific objects. This is based on an abstract image that represents the feelings with which the brand wants to communicate. For example, the Nike logo is a tic that shows speed and smoothness. Fanta uses an orange color that combines with the color of soda, and has fun and young using modern and funky fonts. This style does not impose restrictions on the designers. Our UI specialists are not limited to objects, letters or words. At the same time, it can be difficult to choose between different abstract concepts, so it may not be the simplest form of logo for the client.

Logo Based on Letters

Perhaps the most used company logo design format is one letter or more than one letter of the brand. For example, McDonald's, Facebook, LG, HP, Volkswagen, etc. It is the most flexible approach for the development of business logotypes. It has the following advantages. You do not have to think about your own images, it's easy to apply different styles and interpretations. The main objective here is to find an appropriate style to represent the brand.


A logotype as a clip art is not a good one. The clip art is a business image that anyone can use and is used to describe all kinds of media. You may ask: "How is the logo different?" Unlike the pre-designed clip art, the professional logo is specially created for a single company. The most humiliating comment that the designer hears is that "his design looks like a pre-designed image". But, what if the client asks for it as clip art? The final product fully meets the requirements of the client, but I am still not satisfied with the result.


Custom Logo vs Clip Art

To avoid this problem, images without ordinary business people with their own business personality automatically adopt the characteristics of the clip art, or in other words, they are used to indicate any organization within the industry. You can always encourage customers to think on how to use the logo before placing it. Maybe clipart is what you really need, someone knows.

Choose the Right Designer

Consider these various options before telling the creator the idea. There is no definitive style that suits any company: it must find a unique identity that sets it apart from the crowd.

But even if your design ideas are bad, the professional will cooperate to find the best way to express your business identity. That's why the most important part of your design is choosing a company with extensive experience and experience.


Our development group has worked on a large number of projects for various industries.

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Our design and development team has a large portfolio of excellent cases, such as websites, Internet portals, mobile apps, etc.

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