Top-Tier Apple Developers in the UK: your Best IT Partner

Our development company based in the UK is a professional digital agency focused on developing the best software for iOS devices.

  • We create bespoke solutions that meet Apple's design guidelines, from planning to full implementation.
  • We are working on the success of your business. To provide high quality work in the shortest possible time, we offer the best team of developers and fast engineering procedures for each project.

Our Service

Our team of developers in the UK offers all kinds of IT solutions with considerable commercial requirements from a variety of industries, including educational institutions, industrial departments, logistics departments, healthcare companies, care companies, etc. Our extensive list of services is as follows.

  • Web development
  • Mobile application development
  • Development by open source code
  • Creative design of UI / UX
  • Create a corporate portal
  • Digital marketing solution
  • Consulting and support in IT and marketing

Our developers will use the latest technology to expand coverage and offer the best program to make Apple devices the most efficient business tool.

What is Different?

We have extensive experience in all stages of the project, from the initial stage of brainstorming to full support after starting. We provide constant quality control tests throughout the process. Therefore, from the beginning, we will help you plan, develop and promote the application that will provide the greatest financial gain and maximum benefit to you.

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Industrial Experience in the UK

For more than eight years, we have produced more than 200 successful apps and projects for devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc. With more than 150 trained experts, our company in the UK has become a world service name for mobile apps and software development.

Work Focus

Our work schedule is dynamic and complete oriented to objectives. Before starting work, the developers estimate the project's objectives, requirements, expectations and a comprehensive strategy to guarantee the total success of the clients.

Technical Experience

To add buildings that achieve commercial objectives, a lot of effort is needed to develop them. Our developers have extensive experience in creating software and will not stop education itself. We only employ highly qualified experts who understand the client's needs and who can make excellent decisions.

Communication without Interruptions

We offer customers 24/7 support, including Skype and conference phone, telephone and email. You can contact us at any time from here in the UK. Our high quality customer relationship will provide our company with loyal customers who are ready to establish a long-term partnership.

iOS Application Development

As the resilience of mobile technology increases, the use of smart devices continues to increase. The researchers believe that mobile technology will fully manage the next generation. In this way, our company in the UK offers high quality services for the development of Apple gadgets for small and large companies.

Continually and systematically we approach the creation of a user interface that works correctly without causing errors or failures.

We already have a fair name in the IT industry and we offer the best results according to the client's request within the budget.

Apple's Experience

The most important principle to develop an Apple program follows the guidelines of Apple to manufacture products that can compete equally in large markets.

Team developers in the UK are aware of the design environment and the development process in general. The sale of products is stimulated mainly by all forms of large-scale advertising. I fully understand how to create icons, write descriptions, organize screenshots and show and select by users.

What you need is a good idea to start. And you guarantee that you will receive the best help.

Tools for Programming Apple Software

There are many third-party development tools available to build Apple programs. Developers in the UK use many apps, but in the early stages, Xcode was in its own development mode.

Objective-C is the main programming language for creating apps. However, Apple created a new programming language called Swift, which was the successor to Objective-C. Our developers have mastered both languages ​​to create Apple programs in the most productive way.

Currently, because we are using many third-party platforms, developers are ready to create innovative products that meet all needs. By using this platform, the development time can be shortened in the Objective-C and Swift language languages.

Apple developers in the UK use the following to develop optimal solutions for their business:

  • Corona SDK
  • Adobe AIR
  • Unification
  • PhoneGap
  • Jam

There are platforms to add to the list, such as GameSalad and other development tools.

When developing software, developers and programmers will receive enough information about the tool used to develop the client, so that they feel their thoughts are reliable.

Apple developers from the UK will eventually be open to new trends and will help us improve our service.

As soon as the idea is transferred from the client, we will allow the team to maximize their idea to the extent that it can be done instantly according to the client's expectations.

Apple software design

The design of mobile apps requires correct skills, experience, knowledge. We have standards and instructions to follow for all developers, but at the same time we have a creative and innovative trend.

The first thing I want to do with my new client is to ask a question. We can not understand your ideas and thoughts without the opportunity to recognize you and your business. I would like to talk before preparing some offers that we consider appropriate for your project. I would like to establish the purpose of this meeting. Purpose that leads to success. How do you specifically want to get to this mobile application?

When you are finished, you will be ready to investigate and define ways to help you achieve your goals. What we finally do is brainstorm. Actually, it's our favorite part. Because sometimes there are opportunities to add key elements in a successful plan.

Apple Design Trend

Material design was one of the most popular UI / UX trends in the Apple application. It was developed to improve the user experience, make it simple, unified and intuitive. The design of the material is based on the concept of flat design. This is a constant trend in recent years and the UI / UX design standard. Several changes have been made to the concept of flat design in recent years, but the overall appearance is almost the same.

The tendency of functional animation is not to create animation for animation. The illusion of movement and change of form has a logical purpose. Simple, vivid, fast, meaningful and highly responsive: this is an important feature of the material design language to which we adhere. Ideas for functional animation extend beyond Apple's trends to a variety of mobile platforms.

Using the card design is another way to make UX more meaningful and dynamic. As the UX design becomes functional rather than visual, starting in 2014, staying longer is one of the most popular trends.

It is convenient, attractive and efficient from the point of view of the user to group information in contour boxes and allow more detailed information to be entered in one touch.

The large-screen UI / UX adaptation is mandatory. Because the way the user keeps the device changes as the screen enlarges. For this reason, I reconsidered the UI and UX design approach to take full advantage of the Apple gadget. British developers will emphasize gesture-based navigation and will hide controls and additional content in contextual menus, which will extend the feel and appearance of the program.


Four steps of creative software development

Our developers always follow the four steps to make excellent products:

  • Research

    We would like to better understand your business and understand the business requirements to study the target audience, the main objectives and barriers to success. We believe that he is a very early thinker and innovator who is ready to find new ideas and new concepts.

  • User Interface Design

    One thing we want to do is build prototypes. It helps to extend the functionality of the product, to understand its core characteristics, to define the relationships between the elements and to build a solid foundation to build an attractive user experience.

  • Early Prototype Development

    As soon as we establish the basics, it's time to do the real work. We start the animation, the creation of structures, the screen connection, the creation of buttons. All these are small elements for the design of an excellent mobile program. We do not intend to create a prototype in the early stages of development and stop user testing. We can optimize our experience even if the product is installed securely in your department or at the Apple store.

  • Brand and Visual Design

    Our developers are perfect team players. Therefore, we can do different things at the same time. By developing the user interface design, we also create visual design and visual design for mobile apps. We analyze the requirements and needs of the users and investigate deeply the target audience. The specialists find the motivation of the client through market studies, mental maps, cases, new trends and cultural trends.

Reason for Choosing the Apple Developer in the UK

We pay special attention to Apple's latest trends and guidelines and make full use of the benefits of the innovative programs offered by the iOS operating system. Creating software for Apple devices requires a lot of effort and we are working hard to add their ideas to Apple's broad base of products and make them the most popular.

Therefore, our project team of Magora programmers in the UK is comprised of qualified developers and programmers, testers, project managers, marketing consultants with extensive work experience in the development of iOS.

Do you have Ideas for Development?

Our solutions are ideal for all companies, from multinational enterprises to young startups that want to achieve success in new foreign markets. If you want to know that there is the possibility of unlocking your business, incorporating the latest technology in the production process, UK developers are here to discuss your ideas and make them a cost-effective application. Do not hesitate to contact our customer department in the UK at any time. One of our specialists will help you.