Sophisticated App Development in London

We are a London application development company that designs tailored business apps with high accessibility and an excellent user experience. With a team of competent and enthusiastic developers, designers, managers, evaluators and other experts, our IT company is ready to implement an advanced software for you.

How to Work for your Success

Our development agencies guarantee customers a comprehensive development strategy, complete transparency, close communication throughout the process. We have provided successful products to small companies and large internationally renowned companies.

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First Step of Development

All development processes begin with the definition of the purpose of future application forms from the perspective of the business and its customers. It may seem obvious, but it requires a lot of experience and a deep understanding of the market and user behavior. Developers must identify the most efficient features that can be implemented and meet the user's expectations about the product.

KPI of the Application

An important step in this stage is to identify important performance indicators for its app. After the client shares the idea about the development strategy and the concept of the app, our design company offers comments. Based on our extensive experience of proposing the best way to achieve the goal and providing a large number of successful mobile apps to customers of all sizes, we point out problems that require more attention.

Creation of an Excellent user Experience Design

The main purpose of website design is to create apps that are easy to use, intuitive, simple, functional and visually appealing. This is done through the development of interactive prototypes. This prototype is intended to fully understand how UX options differ in real life and to understand the functions of the app. When the prototype is completed, we create many design concepts, from which the client selects the design concept that I like the most. Later, our experienced designers will begin an intricate process of creating a wonderful mobile design that is perfectly suited to the client's current brand and image. Finally, the application developer will ensure that all screens and interactions in the application are perfect and beautifully designed.

Development and Quality Control

  • Development of native mobile apps
  • Cross platform and development of hybrid apps
  • Development of the content management system and backend
  • Create application programming interface and middleware
  • Quality assurance management
Application Development in London

In our app development process, we implement agile principles as the basis of the development process. In other words, the custom software team performs repetitive tasks and provides functional products for each small work cycle. Our programmers mature in coding for all existing platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Because only native apps can guarantee a smooth user experience for each specific platform, our IT experts strongly recommend migrating to native apps.

Experienced Application Designer

Our team of creative and enthusiastic developers and designers are working from London headquarters and from the offices in other cities around the world. Over the years, our design company has elaborated lean strategies and well-thought procedures to provide high quality products in the shortest possible time. Our application runs all operating systems, provides more updates and optimization opportunities, keeps trends constantly updated and will not differentiate from the competition.


As the number of new devices with various screen sizes and operating systems increases rapidly, it is important to test how the apps behave in different devices and environments. For this purpose, the developers of London are equipped with all the most popular models of smartphones and tablets based on Android. There are several versions of the operating system and each generation of iPhone and iPad.

Location and Support of the Application Store after Launch

The application will not be placed on the App Store or Google Play until it has been fully tested, not completely polished, until the visibility of the app store is optimized. Even after the app is uploaded to the app store, our work has not finished. Our software development agency will provide support after the continuous launch of the product and ensure that the user gets the perfect experience.


Maintenance and Support

  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Support available 24 hours a day
  • Testing and bug fixing
  • Application rating
  • Guaranteed response time

Continuous Monitoring

After providing an app development support and launching your application in AppStore, we are ready to maintain and update it on a regular basis, to let you grow and implement the changes, based on the market demands. Online business is a highly changing environment and apps must improve and evolve over time to meet expectations of users and your business objectives.

Analysis Report

The analysis of user behavior is one of the main aspects that allows users to control the most preferred duplicate functions and functions. A specially trained specialist monitors the user's operations, provides analysis reports and evaluates the use of the app. You can use the Google Analytics service or implement any other analysis tool.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important aspect of a commercial website. This is to make it visible to potential customers. If you want your website to be the best search result, consider the following method.

Fast Loading Speed

Even a 1 second interruption can sacrifice potential customers; can not allow it to happen. It is essential that you allow the client to access the page you are trying to access as soon as possible. According to statistics, the most popular websites are loaded in less than a second. Our design company will optimize content and add-ons, and will support the speed of the website much more quickly.

Friendly Mobile

The Google search engine prioritizes websites optimized for the web and search results are ranked higher. The number of users surfing the Internet using mobile devices has already exceeded the number of desktop users. Search engines want to guarantee users that the websites they visit can be easily viewed on small screen devices.

Actual Content

Plagiarism and replicated content is a sign of search engine stoppage. This is one of the errors of SEO, and will prevent your site from being classified in the TOP SE results. In addition, as many editors skip the step of verifying the uniqueness of the text, you may not even be able to know that its content is not genuine. You can add special features to automate plagiarism control in the site administration panel to confirm that the content is unique.

Friendly URL

As you definitely know, simplicity is the main principle of easy to use. The name of the page should be easy to understand.

Since Pages

With low bounce rate users rank at the top of the search results for pages that work for a long time, it is important to adjust the attention of visitors by keeping customers by providing highly relevant content. It is important.

Normalization and Canonical Labeling

With normal tags, you can use the same content on several different pages. Google is not opposed. With standardization, you can place pages and content in different URLs without marking plagiarism or genuine content. The rel = "canonical" tag in the HTML header identifies different pages where the search engine has the same content and credits only for one URL. Google experts ensure that all labels are in the right place and the search results are as good as in the past.

Mirror of the Site

By duplicating the website, you can reduce the traffic load on the main website, or you can increase the Google ranking and provide a backlink to the original site.

Correct Redirection

The redirects 301 and 302 can not seriously alter the location of the search engine, so it should not be confused. 302 is used for temporary redirects and 301 for persistent URL redirects.

Fix the bot Directive

You can use the Robots.txt file to control which pages our bots scan. If there is no file on your website, Google Bot will scan to your liking.

Mobile Application for Companies

Our mobile developers will create an application that will provide an incredible customer experience and increase the productivity of your company's workflow.

  • Apps and services for end users apps that establish a strong online presence in your business, buy products and services online to users and provide innovative technologies on all devices. Friendly and intuitive interface. We are paying great attention to the design and incorporation of functions that add value to the business.
  • Internal process optimization software. Application that improves productivity, automates traditional processes, optimizes workflow, improves staff efficiency and integrates existing programs. The key to optimizing the internal process is to take advantage of sophisticated technology and introduce mobility into the workflow.

Agile Approach

The agile approach to software development makes it possible to keep pace with the process and provide process flexibility while providing the opportunity to change the product in the final stage and change the product. Another great advantage of the agile method is that it can provide work software in a short period of time. This will allow the application to reach the market quickly and minimize the risk. Developers based in London can work with teams that work closely with the entire development process, learn new things from others, share knowledge and avoid common mistakes.

Why Choose our Application Development Company?

Our development agencies guarantee customers a comprehensive development strategy, complete transparency, close communication throughout the process. We have provided successful products to small companies and large internationally renowned companies.

  • An experienced and professional developer. Our mobile design agency has thoroughly selected each member of our team and meets high standards. They are all certified specialists who have mastered their skills perfectly.
  • Transparency of the process We believe that everything that software companies do is absolutely transparent to our customers. Our application development company will provide information to clients throughout the process and establish close communication so that we can fully understand the steps we take.
  • Smart design. Our designers are experts in all innovative tools, techniques and approaches. In a sense, we are a creative and talented artist, as technical understanding and personal creativity form the basis of superior design.
  • Maintenance of business software. Our IT companies provide quality assurance services, continuous support, proactive monitoring.

Drop us a line and share the problems you may have, application ideas, development strategies of commercial websites, complex internal portals or other IT solutions.