7 Best Android Business Apps

Over the years, apps on mobile phones and tablets have gotten better and better. Now you can sit at home and complete all your office assignments or jobs in your mobile phone. Business apps have been around for a while now and they have made life a lot easier for the corporate world.
Here is a list of the top 7 business apps your smart phone must have.

#1: Microsoft Office (Free)

With the introduction of the fully featured MS Office mobile app, you can now use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the go. The features provided for each are almost similar to the desktop version. They have been optimized for touch devices and easy user interface for efficient work.

#2: Google Drive (Free)

Several cloud storage apps have come out over the years, but Google Drive is the most effective and widely used. This app is mostly preinstalled in smartphones and has been integrated with QuickOffice. So signing into your Google account can give you access to all your documents and can be backed up online. It can be used to store documents, files, images online and can be accessed anytime with internet connection.

#3: Microsoft Remote Desktop (Free)

This app links your smart phone to your desktop. So you can access your Work PC on the go and use the Windows applications. This app is perfect for small business owners to keep them connected to their desktop at all times.

#4: Bump (Free)

Tired of exchanging business cards? This app will help you swap contact information, photos between two phones just by bumping them against one another. This way you don’t have to keep track of all the contact information and business documents and other paper trails. Bump will save all data and back it up on cloud.

#5: Google Voice (Free)

This app comes in very handy as it unifies all your phone numbers, help you make cheap international calls and send your SMS via email. Google voice integrates all your numbers and gives you a unique Google Number. It is integrated natively with the phone address book.

#6: Business Calendar (Free)

This mobile app helps you keep track of all the business appointments, important dates and deadlines. The UI is very effective and can help you save in-depth details about appointments over multiple days.

#7: OneNote (Free)

It’s easy to use interface and ability to backup all documents automatically to the cloud has given this app an edge over its competitors. With several inbuilt features and facets, this app by Microsoft is a hit.
These are some of the widely used business apps out there.