We Design Apps for iPhones and iPads

Our expert app design company is your key to creating a successful iOS solution. Welcome to our app development company, we design apps for iPhone and iPads for businesses in the UK and worldwide.

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iPhone App Design

Universal coding standards, software testing practice and wealth of experience in delivering iPhones apps simplify the navigation between all the Apple restrictions and creation of a high-quality software product for Apple mobile devices with the unrivalled user experience.

What we do?

Our app design agency has been designing apps since 2010 and had gained a highly professional and business-driven approach to mobile software development. Our developers use the latest iOS technologies to design top-notch and highly-functioning iPhone and iPad applications. We make your ideas real!
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Bespoke development for iOS platform

Our creative iPhone app designers can assure you that your program will be unique because they design bespoke mobile solutions without any design templates making sure that it is completely customised to your business needs and reflects your business identity. Our iterative development model allows accommodating any modifications and integrations that you may want incorporate according to your evolving requirements throughout the whole development process. We make the process transparent for you to provide you with a total control of the final product. Our app design company develop software solutions that belong to our customers. That is why our app designers strive to build a program that completely satisfies you.

iPhone app design

App developers design highly scalable iPhone apps that are customised to your specifications keeping in mind that it should attract your loyal customers and hence be loved by users. Our app design agency focuses on real-world problem solving that is why we launch secure iPhone apps that solve your business problem whether it is an improvement of internal communication with employees, external interaction with the customers, or automation and optimisation of workflow processes. Or project manager will assist you in every phase of iPhone app design connecting you with our iPhone app development team. The project manager is the person who translates the complex development terms in plain English and accompanies you throughout the process ensuring that you know every detail of what is going on with your iPhone app.

iPad app design

We design customised iPad apps that meet your requirements and scale to satisfy growing demands. Our app design company is a place where you can bring your iPad ideas and expect a high-quality software realisation of your idea. Your dedicated project manager will be your guide during the development process from the main goal identification to launching your program in the Apple app store. Our software specialists combine your vision and foresight with experience, skills and passion to design a mobile solution that promotes your business among numerous tablet users. Our app development agency can help you to improve corporate internal working processes, to increase efficiency and productivity. Our expertise and experience helped us to establish a development process that helps our customers to control the situation and get at the end a mobile solution designed to reach the desired goal.

Our expertise

Since we specialise in iPhone and iPad app design, you will get an exclusive software tool that not just reflects your brand but also solve your business problem catering your end users specific tastes. Our app design agency provides a range of services that ensure end results that exceed your expectations:
  • Project estimation and mobile consultancy;
  • Users’ needs determination;
  • Requirements engineering;
  • Wireframing and prototyping;
  • Quality assurance

UX/UI design

iPhones provide app designers with great opportunities to build a sleek user interface that promote your brand with corporate brand implementation into its design. Our team defines all the required details and iPhone capabilities before programmers write a line of code. They apply years of experience and knowledge of the market to ensure that the user interface design, as well as user experience design, are stylish, engaging, usable, and easy in usage. The icon set design, the colour pattern, the layout of the interface, and the navigation map - all these factors are taken into consideration by our iPhone app designers to enrich the experience of your end users.
Design that distinguish iOS from others
Our iOS developers deliver exceptional user experience via our iPhone and iPad apps. There several things that differentiate iOS from other platform and we strive to benefit from them all while designing a polished, intuitive, and engaging app:
  • Clarity. App designers preserve legible text, lucid icons, and focus on functionality in your mobile software design to make it usable and easy-to-navigate.
  • Deference. Our designers fill space with content making it paramount by preserving light and airy interface design.
  • Depth. We design iPhone apps with realistic motion and distinct visual layers which together provide a sense of depth and facilitate understanding.
How to make your app design special?
While designing iPhone and iPad apps our team strives to reach aesthetic integrity to achieve the best combination of program design, behaviour and functions. So we make working app strictly designed to help its users get focused, and make immersive apps eye-catching and engaging to retain users from leaving it. Software developers implement direct manipulation to engage people with the immediate results of their actions. Your users will always be informed about app reaction on their actions due to the iOS immediate feedback. We can make interactive elements highlighted when they are tapped, implement indicator status of operations that need time and do many other things. Our iOS designers can make your UI even more interactive with flipping book pages, moving slides, and drag and swipe function. This is just a part of things our iOS designers can do for you, for more information, get in touch with us.
iPhone application design services require certain knowledge and technical skills that not every programmer has. Our iOS development team can translate your idea into a feature-rich and highly interactive iPhone solution customised to your needs. Designing a seamless app requires skilled programmers and experienced project managers. Our software engineers regularly refresh their knowledge of the newest technologies improving expertise to be able to use all the benefits of the iOS platform and create breathtaking and cost-effective iPhone apps with a powerful code.
Implementation of the modern frameworks helps our team to provide vulnerable, quick downloading and stable mobile software by decreasing the complicity of the program code.
Design and Deployment Consulting
Our software company not only design apps for iPhones but also can provide consulting and gave you expert advice on your iPhone app monetization, effectiveness, and launch. Our team can help you to verify your business software idea for viability and leverage business analytics and customer feedback. Our development company worked with startups and with established brands. We know how tough it is to release an iPhone app. A successful app design requires more than just coding skills but also some background in the tech industry. We have a proven methods of successful iPhone app creation that users love. Our software engineers and designers avoid all Apple restrictions and meet all standards ensure you a smooth launch. If you have any question on iPhone app design and deployment, our team will be happy to give you an answer.

Quality assurance

A whole QA department starts analysing your iPhone app idea considering all possible bugs and challenges that may occur while app designers are building your mobile software for iPhones. We don’t only improve appearing code bugs but avoid the largest part of them due to the careful analysis and prediction of them. Such approach to the quality assurance makes our software for iPhones and iPads more secure, stable, and efficient. Since our programmers create a minimum viable product that can work as a real program with core functions our QA experts start to run tests that ensure it quality starting with how much your project meets your requirements, to its efficiency, navigation, and loadability testings. Our software experts evaluate your app on all iOS devices it is designed to. Thus, you can entrust us your project ideas and get a well-designed app in the end.

Technologies we use

To design iOS app our development team uses the latest technologies:
  • The most recent version of Xcode has all necessary features which allow our iOS team design, develop, and debug mobile software solutions. This integrated development environment has new editor extensions that enable our app designers completely customise coding experience. Its new runtime issues alert our app design team if there are hidden bugs while the Interface Builder design canvas speed the work with greater control.
  • Thanks to iOS SDK we can extend Xcode including the tools, frameworks, and compilers required for iOS development. SDKs usage allows our app designers to build programs for all OS versions without the headers and libraries. So our team can create apps for all iPhone and iPad operating system versions.
  • Our developers use Objective-C and Swift programming languages which can also be enriched Xamarin development environment to increase code portability in case if you want to extend your app to other platforms in the future.
  • We strive to design not just a “hello world” iPhone and iPad apps with just one screen and a few views but use iOS view controllers which streamline code writing and empower developers with better capabilities to improve user interface. Model-view-controller or MVC is a design pattern that helps app designers to determine objects’ functions whether they are models responsible for data storage, views responsible for the interface design, or controllers that control the connection between model and view. This controller layer is mostly responsible for app functionality.

Benefits of work with our software design company

  • Our company has a reputation of a reliable business partner who delivers good quality services;
  • We have years of experienced and proven expertise with our top-rated iPhone and iPad mobile solutions;
  • Our project managers, programmers, and designers worked with numerous niches spheres; they know how to build a proper mobile tool;
  • We equally value any project ideas aimed at the top results;
  • Our software engineers and project managers love working with challenging ideas and find simple mobile solutions for iPhones and iPads;
  • We are good at designing stunning user interface;
  • Our flexible app design model ensures our customers’ satisfaction;
  • As a B2B company, we keep in mind your business interests;
  • Dedicated project managers release your from hassle and keep you informed of development case details;
  • Our app design company has a QA department ensuring high quality of your app;
We offer tailored apps with high quality and user-friendly design at a reasonable price that becomes a cost-effective investment in the end.